To draw an analogy, neuroscientists are like puzzle builders who must integrate and fit together numerous small pieces of information and knowledge derived from the hundreds of available techniques. BCI Neurotech is a neurotechnology startup made up of scientists and engineers who believe in the potential of neurotech to help people and provides advice, connections, training, and easy-to-use tech tools for people and organizations. Beyond that, BCIneurotech focuses on translational research, aiming to develop medical devices and clinical procedures in healthcare. Accordingly, we invite cross-disciplinary researchers to achieve tangible and usable cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills. Tanks to connecting with organizations and startups worldwide in Iran, Turkey, Switzerland, and Germany, BCINeurotech have already established its networks that are a way to bridge Our works with communities worldwide.


Azade Mozhde farahbakhsh

PhD, Neuroscienctist, University of Freiburg

Contact info@bcineurotech.com For more information.